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Customer Services FAQ

We accept DISCOVER, VISA, and MASTERCARD credit cards. We also accept personal and company checks drawn on a U.S. bank in U.S. funds, money orders, and purchase orders. We do not accept COD's (see our Purchase Policy for specific information on methods of payment).

Order processing is complete within 3 business days from receipt of the order as long as prepayment is received or a purchase order is provided. Orders can also be processed on a same-day "rush" basis for an additional fee. Feel free to contact us on the phone or VP for more information about “RUSH” processing. Delivery will then depend on shipping method chosen and the number of days required to ship from San Diego, CA to your location (see Shipping Policy for more information).

Contact DawnSignPress for a return authorization number at returns@dawnsign.com. If the damaged item is a book, we will issue a call tag for the book to be picked up and returned to us. If the defective item is a video, we will send out a replacement copy immediately (see our Return Policy for specific information on returning items).

For individuals, the return process takes approximately 30 days. If you have not received your refund within that time, please contact one of our customer relations team members at 858-625-0600 or 858-768-0428 (VP) for assistance. For commercial accounts, a credit memo is issued upon return of the item, which can then be applied toward future orders. Refunds may be requested in writing six months after the credit memo date.

DawnSignPress sends periodic email updates Signing Naturally Workshops. If you want to receive these email updates, email signingnaturally@dawnsign.com. If you are interested in hosting a workshop, you may send an email to joes@dawnsign.com.

Unfortunately, due to the very high cost of developing and producing these materials, we do not provide free sets of the Signing Naturally Teacher’s Curriculums. However, we do provide 30-day examination copies for all of the Signing Naturally Teacher’s Curriculums upon request. Please contact our Customer Service Department for further details.

For the 2014 release of Signing Naturally Units 7-12, the teacher’s set includes the Teacher’s Curriculum Guide, including a Teacher DVD for use in the classroom, student workbook and student DVDs. Answer Keys are included in the Teacher DVD PowerPoint files.

For the 2008 release of Signing Naturally Units 1-6, the teacher’s set includes a Teacher’s Curriculum Guide, and a Teacher’s Answer Key book. The Answer Key is a “copy” of all of the information from the Student Workbook and includes the two Student DVDs. No additional set of student materials is sent.

For Signing Naturally Levels 2 and 3, if we are provided with the teacher’s name when the Curriculum is ordered, we will ship a corresponding copy of the Student Workbook and Videotext.

Our DVDs work best with the “VLC” video player from VideoLAN, www.videolan.org. It is free to download this player on your PC or Mac.

Inspect the data side of the DVD (the blank side). Clear away any dust or other foreign particles with a soft cotton cloth, wiping from the center outward. Surface scratches on the data side can cause problems when playing the DVD. Be sure to always carry the DVD by the edges and never touch the data side or put it face down on any surface. Should any other questions arise, please feel free to contact our customer relations team via email at contactus@dawnsign.com or give us a call at 858-625-0600 or 858-768-0428 VP.

Check the DVD player format. If it is the standard DVD format, regardless of the region, our DVDs should work. Our DVDs are "Region Free," meaning that they will play on all standard DVD players. There is a small number of DVD players in some parts of the world that will only accept PAL format DVDs - in that instance, our DVDs will not work in your machine.

Please refer to our Publishing Policy.

If our products are a set (book & DVD) we do not sell the book alone, since they are meant to be used with the DVDs. If your DVD is worn out or damaged, contact our office for replacement costs.

DSP does currently offer a limited number of E-books for sale. DSP does offer a PDF form of our books for some instructors, school labs or students with documented disabilities. The educational package must be purchased before requesting access to the PDF file. For a request form, email: r&p@dawnsign.com. Our video library offers the ability to stream Signing Naturally Units 1-6, Units 7-12, Level 2 and Level 3. Please visit the video library page for more information.

You can cancel your subscription at any time. For more information on subscription fees, please go here. To cancel your subscription, go to Profile in your Dashboard. Click on the book icon of the subscription. you'd like to cancel and follow the instructions.